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HR Services

What are Human Resource Services?

There are many types of services available to employers who need help with human resources:

HR help desk
This technology platform features a help desk to answer one-off questions and navigate everyday HR and state or federal compliance responsibilities. Step-by-step best-practice guidelines, essential forms and documents, and related policies are provided.

HR outsourcing
Everything you get with an HR help desk is included in HR outsourcing, plus a dedicated team of specialists who can handle some or all administrative duties on your behalf.

Strategic consulting services
HR experts help you identify critical issues and use actionable insights to drive business growth across the spectrum of human capital management (HCM), including compliance, talent strategy, change management and communications.

Save time with HR best practices, on demand

Tap into the HR expertise you need, so you can focus your valuable time where it’s needed most. Learn more about HR services and why they’re important to the success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions about HR Services

What are HR employee services?

Of all the HR services, payroll and benefits are the most important to employees. Organizations competing for talent know this and update their benefits regularly to retain valued members of their workforce. Beyond a competitive salary, your HR department can appeal to employees by offering:
– Health benefits
– Retirement savings plans
– Family leave
– Flexible work options
– Professional and career development benefits
– Student loan repayment programs

What are the different areas of HR?

Human resources involves tracking employee hours, administering benefits and open enrollment, overseeing orientation and training, processing payroll and filing taxes, and managing retirement plans.

What is HR optimization?

Optimizing your HR processes requires that you understand your people –
what they do, how they do it and why. To accomplish this, you’ll need to properly analyze your data:
1. Gather the right data – Use an analytics tool that will collect enough data to provide broad, useful insights even if you don’t know how you’ll use them in the short term.

2. Understand what the data means – Truly effective HR analytics isn’t just about combining lots of different data. You need to look at your workforce insights in the context of your business goals.

3. Put the data to work – Make data-driven decisions to improve your policies, operations, finances and more.

How many types of HR are there?

HR capabilities fall under one of two roles. This first is daily administration, which includes processing payroll and taxes, filing reports, maintaining compliance, managing data and updating policies. Because they can be repetitive and time consuming, some businesses elect to outsource these tasks.

The second role of HR is to plan larger strategic goals, such as acquiring talent, improving engagement and retention, applying best practices, benchmarking success and creating a culture of success. By partnering with a payroll service provider, HR professionals have more time to focus their efforts on these big picture projects.

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