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Full Service Payroll

Benefits that come with our Full Service Payroll:

As a small business owner, it’s important to be familiar with payroll services that can make managing your payroll easier. With CRI Payroll Services, a full service payroll provider, you can rest assured knowing that your small business payroll is taken care of from start to finish. Our certified payroll professionals, bookkeepers, and HR specialists are available to assist you with anything you may need.

We take care of all the payroll taxes, filings, and paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about staying updated on ever-changing laws. Plus, with our assistance, you can gain access to additional services, such as advice on human resources and benefits administration, that may help streamline your operations or save you money.

All Federal & State tax depositing (electronically)
All Federal & State tax filings (electronically)
Annual Federal & State filings (electronically)
Flexible methods to pay employees:
Direct deposit &/or payroll check (with preprinted signature(s) if you wish) &/or debit card
Handle all types of withholdings & deductions, garnishments, benefits, worker’s comp
Handle all types of pay – hourly, salary, 1099 contractor, tips, commissions, draw, custom pay
Track all types of time – vacation, sick, personal, custom categories. Accruals updated at each
payroll processing point
General Ledger import file (&/or hard copy) – directly into QuickBooks or other major
accounting software packages
No charge for employee changes
New Hires reporting handled automatically
Employee access to their own individual, password-protected payroll/PTO information
Mobile app

When it comes to small business payroll, trust CRI Payroll Services to help you with all your needs.

Personalized Customer Service

When it comes to managing SMALL BUSINESS PAYROLL, a full service payroll provider can be invaluable. Not only does it unburden you from the time-consuming tasks of payroll, such as input, updates, processing, tax depositing, and tax filing, but it also protects your business from incurring compliance penalties. Additionally, using a full service payroll provider for your small business payroll can help you save significant money in labor costs since you don’t need to hire or re-purpose staff.
CRI Payroll Services offers PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE and will adapt procedures to match your business needs. This means you can concentrate your resources on your more pressing business needs – the areas that make money for your business.
With a FULL SERVICE PAYROLL provider, like CRI Payroll Services, taking care of your small business payroll needs, you will be free to focus on other important aspects of running your business.

Don’t let the payroll burden be an obstacle to your success – choose a full service payroll provider today!


For small business owners, having a FULL SERVICE PAYROLL provider can be a great asset in managing their payroll efficiently and effectively. CRI Payroll Services offers numerous benefits that make payroll much easier for small businesses. These benefits include:
    • Electronically depositing all federal and state taxes
    • Electronically filing all federal and state taxes
    • Providing flexible methods to pay employees such as direct deposit, payroll checks with pre-printed signatures, or debit cards.

As a full service payroll provider, CRI Payroll Services also handles all types of withholdings and deductions, garnishments, benefits, and worker’s compensation. Plus, we can handle all types of pay like hourly wages, salaries, 1099 contractors, tips, commissions, draws, and custom pay. We also track all types of time, such as vacation, sick, personal, custom categories, and accruals are updated at each payroll processing point.


CRI Payroll Service will also create a General Ledger import file directly into QuickBooks or other major accounting software packages. We will AUTOMATICALLY HANDLE new hires reporting and provide employees access to their individual, password-protected payroll/PTO information and mobile app.


A full service payroll provider can make managing your small business PAYROLL A BREEZE. With all of these benefits, small business owners can rest assured that their payroll is in good hands with CRI Payroll Services.

Since we began working with CRI for our payroll, everything is so much more efficient and easier. David Potter is quick to respond to any inquiries and always answers any questions we have. The ease and peace of mind in knowing that our payroll is run efficiently and quickly is invaluable.

Cindy Whitaker





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