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Full Service Payroll

Benefits that come with our Full Service Payroll :

All Federal & State tax depositing (electronically)
All Federal & State tax filings (electronically)
Annual Federal & State filings (electronically)
Flexible methods to pay employees:
Direct deposit &/or payroll check (with preprinted signature(s) if you wish) &/or debit card
Handle all types of withholdings & deductions, garnishments, benefits, worker’s comp
Handle all types of pay – hourly, salary, 1099 contractor, tips, commissions, draw, custom pay
Track all types of time – vacation, sick, personal, custom categories. Accruals updated at each
payroll processing point
General Ledger import file (&/or hard copy) – directly into QuickBooks or other major
accounting software packages
No charge for employee changes
New Hires reporting handled automatically
Employee access to their own individual, password-protected payroll/PTO information
Mobile app

Plus, Personalized Customer Service

We’ll do the work for you

Unburden yourself from the time-consuming tasks of payroll: input, updates, processing, tax depositing, and tax filing

Protect your business from incurring compliance penalties

Save significant money in labor costs since you don’t need to hire or re-purpose staff

We’ll adapt procedures to match your business needs


You can concentrate your resources on your more pressing business needs – the areas that make money for your business.

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